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My goal is to paint you a beautiful landscape, portrait (or custom painting) and if we decide to work together it’s important we work to find the right photograph. It may seem subjective but not all lovely, beautiful photos translate into painting. My painting particularly has a focus on colour and light; light bounces around its setting and has a nuanced relationship with all parts of the subject.

Ideally the photo reference will be strong and striking, full of depth and light. However the photos do not have to be taken with a professional camera (a smart phone is fine). I will probably ask you to provide multiple photos if possible. Note the following elements as a guide and I am also happy to provide visual examples if that helps. 

  • A reasonably high resolution photo (a strong clear image in focus)

  • Must have good clear light and shade (depth, contours, atmospheric perspective)

  • A light, bright, neutral background with few distracting elements unless relevant.

  • Ideally no heavily edited colours or filters.

Thank you and please do let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to arrange a consultation by phone call 07880342166 or email

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