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My style of painting is impressionistic and aims to capture the mood and essence of a scene with an economy of brushwork. If there is a particular sold painting you  like, I am happy to accept these kinds of commissions.  My goal is to paint you a beautiful custom painting and whilst the palette, composition and design may be similar the brushwork will always be unique. 

I work from life, from my imagination and from photos. It may seem subjective but not all lovely, beautiful photos translate into painting. Primarily I paint colour and light, a mood, feeling or vibration, the general over the specific and an expressive abstract quality rather than overly focussing on detail. That said I encourage you to send me as much visual and verbal inspiration as you want to or can. 

Please email me to start the consultation process. As I am represented by Taylor Jones & Son, the gallery team will handle all pricing, logistics, shipping and packing, initial deposit (25%) and final payment. You can contact them here 

Thank you for your interest.

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