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My goal is to paint you a beautiful custom painting and if we decide to work together it is important we work to find the right subject matter and aesthetic.


Using a photo reference


It  may seem subjective but not all lovely, beautiful photos translate into painting. My painting particularly has a focus on colour and light; and a gestural abstract quality. Ideally a photo reference will be strong and striking, full of depth and light. Photos do not have to be taken with a professional camera (a smart phone is fine). Note the following elements as a guide and I am also happy to provide visual examples if that helps. 

  • Must have good clear light and shade (depth, contours, atmospheric perspective)

  • Good resolution (a strong clear image in focus).

  • A light, bright, neutral background with few distracting elements unless relevant.

  • Ideally no heavily edited colours or filters.

Please email me to start the consultation process. Also note as I am represented by Taylor Jones & Son gallery, the gallery team will handle all pricing, logistics, shipping and packing, initial deposit (25%) and final payment. You can contact them here 

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