I am an allaprima oil painter based along the White Cliffs of Dover, Kent where I grew up inspired by the seascapes of JMW Turner. My work explores colour and light in a contemporary impressionistic style. I always wanted to go to art school but instead read English literature and History of Art, then I went to law school and ended up in the corporate world of fine art insurance. It was only after the birth of my daughter that I was inspired to come back to painting.


Rather than say I’m self taught, most of my learning has been undertaken through disciplined self study, virtual tuition and most recently under the mentorship of Sarah Sedwick. I have many contemporary influences that inspire my work: Sarah Sedwick, Jane French, Micheal Malm, Jeremy Duncan, Christopher Long, Robert Lemler and Tim Benson to name a few.


I like alla prima (‘in one sitting’, wet on wet oil painting) because it's full of movement and texture, I like efficiency and it stops me fussing over details.I paint as much as my ‘free time’ will allow, however as the mother of a busy toddler I work in pockets of time. It’s a very stop, start process and my work often reflects that! My main focus is to capture the ‘language of light’, three dimensional form and clean, unified, harmonious colour- not limiting myself to any particular subject matter. 

You can follow my process, inspiration, local exhibits on instagram @kateisaacsonart